Workshop themes – Annah of Sweden

Annah at Danish Open Bellydance 2018
Photo by Thomas Buchberg

Annah teaches workshops on various themes and on any level, after your requests. Booking is open for the remainder of 2019 and also for 2020.
See below for some of the themes available – or contact Annah if you have any thoughts or suggestions!

Booking, pricing & other questions:


Turns & Transitions – explore technique, phrasing & variations of turns & transitions, to make your dance more fluid and to enhance your improvisation skills.
Length: 1,5 – 3 hours. Level: as requested.

Mejanse exploration – a mix of choreography, technique & music theory. Annah explains the musical structure of the classic entrance piece format, some of the main characteristics of Arabic music that most often are featured, and how this knowledge can be used both in choreography and improvisation. We learn a choreography to a beautiful mejanse piece + listen to some other examples of the format.
Min length 3 hours, preferrably 2 x 2 hours.
Level: Experienced & up (min 2-3 years of previous study)

Mejanse choreography – focus on learning a choreography to a beautiful, contemporary or classic mejanse piece. Technique of the movements involved + a basic overview of the mejanse format.
Length: 3-4 hours. Level: as requested

Shimmy Express – technique, combinations, variations & layering.
Annah goes through a number of different types of shimmy, with technique and illustrative combos. We use 3-4 different pieces of music to try out stylizations and variations in classic Raqs Sharqi, modern/lyrical “big stage Bellly Dance”, Raqs Baladi, and Shaabi/Folk.
Length: 2-4 hours. Level: as requested.

Warda Song “Ahou Dah El Kalam” – Annah teaches her recent choreography to this beautiful love song, sung by the 1 and only Warda. Technique go-through of the movements involved.
Length: 3 hours. Level: Experienced/Advanced

Veil technique for choreo & improv – details to come.

Baladi Taqsim – interpretation & Technique – Interpreting a Baladi taqsim means being 100% present in the music, taking your time, honoring the phrasing & silence, and focusing your energy to build up the intensity as the music evolves.
The workshop format includes style-specific technique, a choreographed example of how to interpret the music, music examples of the baladi progression format, and improvisation exercises to develop your own interpretation skills.
Length: 1,5-3 hours. Level: Intermediate and higher

Baladi groove – details to come.

Lines & flexibility – details to come.

Classic Raqs Sharqi technique – details to come.

Saidi/Raqs Assaya – Choreo & Technique – details to come.

“Wahashtini” choreo & music immersion – details to come.

Improvising to an Arabic Song– music theory, technique & combos, with focus on improvisation. Details to come.

Grounded Hips – One of the main characteristics of Oriental dance/Belly Dance are the isolated hip movements. Especially in the Egyptian dance tradition one can see very “heavy” hips with earthy yet distinct movements.
Annah is known for her grounded hipwork and has worked & studied extensively to break down the fundamentals of hip movemens. This workshop can be a way for you to widen your ability to do accents & shimmies in both folk & Oriental styles.
The workshop includes technique, combinations and individual feedback/adjustments,
Length: 2-3 hours. Level: Experienced & up (2-3 years of previous studies or more)

Shaabi Hangout – details to come.

Fan veil Classical Fantasy – details to come.

Ghawazee & Zagat – details to come.

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