Egyptian Folklore Primer – Online

550 kr

Tuesday April 6, 13, 20 & 27
via Zoom

18.00-19.15 CEST / UTC+2

An orientation course in Egyptian folk & folklore dance with traditional & modern folk/folklore-style music.
Technique & context of movements & music, and a choreo to modern song “Dahikina Ya Donia”.

As I’ve been talking to students in the past months, and also following various online discussions I’ve seen a need to clarify a few things about the Egyptian dance traditions. And those points have become the focus of this course:
  • The difference between folk dance, social dancing, Ghawazee styles, stage / troupe folklore styles, and the Raqs Sharqi dancers’ part-of-set folklore
  • How various movements in modern Raqs Sharqi can be traced to the folk & folklore dances
  • The importance of knowing a bit about different Egyptian teachers, to be an informed student if/when you want to study further

Length: 4 x 75 min

Level: Open continuation level

Instructor: Annah Raqs / Anna Hyberg – read more about Annah

The course is held via Zoom. Meeting link/-s are sent out via email.
Part of each class is filmed and shared to participants as support for home practice.

Registration is binding. Course fees are only refunded if you can show a doctor’s signature, or if the course is cancelled by the organiser.

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