Egyptian Song Choreo – Malmö May 7 & 14

500 kr


SATURDAYS May 7 & 14 2022
Festsalen Tangokompaniet, Fredriksbergsgatan 7 Malmö
Learn an impro-friendly choreography to the upbeat song ”Garahetny Eyounu El Soda” (His Dark Eyes Wounded Me), with technique & movements drawing from the previous 2 courses in the April-May series. But you can of course also take this course separately!
The treasure of songs used in Egyptian-style Raqs Sharqi is an endless source of amazement to me, there is always something new to discover. In this course I’ll give you some of my favorite movements & combinations, with references to some of Egypt’s legendary dancers as inspiration, and to one of the songs I love the most <3
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