Raqs Sharqi Fluidity – Onlinekurs med Annah

Before the autumn classes start we do this 2-week course focused on fluidity, and featuring classic song “El Hob Kollo” (All the Love).

2 x 1,5 hour course, Tuesdays September 8 & 15, 6.00-7.30 pm CEST

  • Combos to illustrate “ins & outs” from one movement to another, including arm & hand movements
  • Transition technique, with variations to follow different musical layers & transitions
  • Isolation technique, with preparations/phrasing & framing in time with the music
  • Drills & exercises that can help you become stronger & more flexible, to easier perform fluid movements effortlessly.

The classes are streamed on the Zoom platform, giving you the possibility both to follow the class and to ask questions live during the lesson. Details on how to connect is sent out when you register.


Course fee 350 SEK / 30 EUR / 40 USD


Fill in the form below & pay the class fee.
Registrations are only valid/handled after payment has been recieved.
Registration is binding and all payments are final, unless you can show a doctor’s signature.

  • PayPal: info@fireflow.se
  • Swish: 123 471 91 26
  • Bankgiro: 760-5314
  • Bank transfer (Sparbanken Skåne): IBAN SE5480000831395340241701, BIC SWEDSESS

Deadline for registration = Sunday September 6
Classes are cancelled if not enough people have registered by the deadline date.

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Registration – Raqs Sharqi Fluidity, Sep 2020
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