Private lessons with Annah

If you want to immerse yourself and develop within Raqs Sharqi / belly dancing then private lessons are unbeatable. You can take them as a complement to "regular" courses/lessons, or as your own tailor-made course.

See ready-made packages/prices below.
If you have special requests, contact Annah at and she will develop a unique arrangement for you!

Prizes and packages, private lessons in Raqs Sharqi / belly dancing

Shared lessons (2 participants) – 20% discount. Contact Annah by email for booking shared lessons!

Studio lessons in Malmö

Due to infection control restrictions, these lessons are not possible to book until further notice. Teaching is only done online at this time.

Annah can also help you with

Tailor-made choreography

500:-/minute, with minimum price 1500:- / up to 3 min

Mix/editing of music

500:-/minute, with minimum price 1500:- / up to 3 min

Instructor coaching

Take the step to hold courses yourself! Contact Annah by e-mail for personal arrangement & price information. A first 30 min online meeting is free of charge.

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